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Call us on 1300 956 222 to chat more or check us out on instagram: https://instagram.com/cupsbysimple.

Simple is a business concept born by David around making complex things simpler for your average person.  Birthed in a history of tech, and Telco – the concept was first launched back in the day with Simple Telecom.  Many years later, this grew and encapsulated Simple Wholesale and most recently Simple Stock It.

Stock It exposed David to branded cups and through a little persuasion Dave’s managed to negotiate with a few manufactures to bring the best sustainable products, deals and prices to you – the everyday consumer.

With a passion for sustainability, Dave from Simple won’t even sell you a plastic cup – so go ahead and move on if your price motivator will allow you to continue creating and consuming single use plastic products.

So – chasing some branded cups? Talk to Dave.  He can get you:

  • Coffee Cups (4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz)
  • Cold Cups (ranging from 150ml, 200ml, 280ml, 300ml, 360ml, 420ml, 500ml, 600ml and 700ml)
  • Lots of other gear (cardboard trays, sugarcane trays/clams/takeaway’s, plates, bowls, noodle boxes, lunch boxes, cutlery and napkins)

Basically, if you want to put your logo on something – we can help.  You’ll just need to bring some volume to the equation and we can make a deal.  1 carton a month won’t cut it – we mean serious volumes.

Anyway, give us a buzz if you want to chat more.



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